Our Qualities

ecureuil  Highly-qualified employees

From the purchasing of raw material to the loading of processed products, our business caters for many different trades, requiring specific skills and experience from our employees.

Managing all these steps is a key element of our strategy.

ecureuil  An efficient production facility

Our sawmill processes 32,000m3 of logs per year, achieved by means of a double-cut band saw. This tool allows for back and forth sawing.

We also use several resawing saws, for edging, splitting and cutting-to-length sawing.

In our dry wood cutting workshop, we edge 7,000m3/year of KD Oak waney-edged boards that we process into square-edged boards, strips and blocks.

Our workshop enables us to remain highly responsive towards our customers.

ecureuil  Expertise in wood drying

Drying is a key step in Oak processing.  It gives it the characteristics it needs for its optimal use.

Our drying facility is comprised of 13 drying cells providing a volume of 1,700m3 which, after the drainage process, allows us to achieve the required levels of humidity within the optimal time frames.

Our 1,800m2 of insulated building space means we can store significant quantities of dry wood under optimal conditions, and that are ready for loading.


ecureuil  A comprehensive, diversified offering

To ensure we can provide our customers with products adapted to suit their specific needs, LBSA has managed to remain flexible, offering custom-made products in addition to its standard production line.

We have a stock volume of 11,000m3 of processed Oak in the form of square-edged boards, boules, waney-edged boards, beams and sleepers in a variety of different qualities and sections.

ecureuil  Our certification

Our PEFC certification provides our customers with assurance in terms of the source of the timber and our commitment towards the sustainable management of forests.

The EC standard guarantees the mechanical strength of structural timber. This standard is obligatory for the sale of oak products intended for construction purposes.

norme CE 0380

The LBSA sawmill in Viriat in the Ain department in France, and worldwide, remains available to advise you on all of your requests relating to our products.